The Elizabeth Yates Award honors Concord resident and children’s author Elizabeth Yates, who was a strong advocate of reading and who supported library programs in the Concord community during her lifetime. Elizabeth Yates received the first award named in her honor in 1994.

The winner of the award is given the opportunity to recommend $500 worth of books to add to the Children’s Room collection, each book bearing a bookplate with his/her name. In addition, his/her name is inscribed on the Elizabeth Yates Award plaque that hangs in the Children’s Room.


The Concord Public Library Foundation is soliciting nominations for the Elizabeth Yates Award, given annually to a resident of the greater Concord area who is actively engaged in inspiring young people to read. This award, which will be presented at a ceremony in May, can be presented to authors, illustrators, storytellers, teachers, librarians or others involved in encouraging reading.

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to encourage young children to read? We seek to honor outstanding individuals for their hard work and passion.

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You can print out the nomination form form and mail it to:

EYA Committee
Concord Public Library Foundation
PO Box 3957
Concord, NH 03302-3957

Submissions for nominees are accepted from June through February. The recipient of the Elizabeth Yates Award will be notified in March, with a reception held in May.

Past Recipients

2019 Anna M. Allen
2018 Clara Brogan
2017 Jan Smith
2016 Ellen Kenny
2014-2015 Karen Broth
2013 Ann Hoey
2012 Janet Ulbrich and Lily, Brenda Kern and Sparkle
2011 Marty Kelly
2010 Jane Merrow
2009 Cris Sokol and Autumn VanSice
2008 Jeffrey Kent
2007 Jayne Perron
2006 Rebecca Rule
2005 Philip Yeaton
2004 Nancy Keane
2003 Carol Berry
2002 Mary Lyn Ray
2001 Dina Abelson
1999 Jennifer Ericsson
1998 Jane Owen
1997 Bill and Judy Egan
1996 Donna Ciocca
1995 Theresa Toy