Steven Callahan Visits Concord this Week! Read the Press Release

CONCORD—Author Steven Callahan, whose best-selling book “Adrift,” is this year’s selection for the city-wide literary event Concord Reads, will be at the Red River Theatres in Concord on April 20th at 7 p.m. to discuss his story of resilience and hope as he struggled to survive 76 days alone at sea.

Callahan, a sailor and naval architect who lives in Maine, had set off from the Canary Islands and was headed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean when his 21-foot sloop, Napoleon Solo, was destroyed in heavy storms. Scrabbling onto an inflatable raft, with the few supplies he could salvage, Callahan began a harrowing journey covering more than 1,800 miles before he was found by passing fishermen. Critics have called “Adrift” an “absorbing saga” in which “a brave man wins through.” In his own words, Callahan describes “Adrift” as more than an adventure story.

“This book is dedicated to people everywhere who know, have known or will know suffering, desperation or loneliness,” he said.

During the event at Red River, Callahan will discuss his book with Concord journalist Laura Kiernan and take questions from the audience. The program, which is free and open to the public, is sponsored by the Concord Public Library Foundation and its community partners, including the Concord Monitor and the Lincoln Financial Group. Extra copies of “Adrift” are available at the Concord Public Library and the ebook can be downloaded from the library website at

Concord Reads was launched 15 years ago by a group of local residents who teamed with the public library to forge community connections by encouraging citizens of all ages and backgrounds to read and discuss the themes and ideas in the same book. According to the American Library Association, “One Community, One Book” programs have been established nationwide as communities “embraced the notion of civic unity through the reading of literature.”

As part of this year’s Concord Reads program, Callahan will meet with an audience of Concord High School students on Friday, April 21, the 35th anniversary of his rescue.

To find out more about Concord Reads and “Adrift,” read the Concord Monitor editorial about “Adrift,” visit the Concord Public Library website, or contact Nicole Prokop at